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MAGNA is a car club for owners of Turbo Regals and the Pontiac Turbo Trans Am in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey & Pennsylvania.     More about the club...


What's New:

Update 2/24/2014

Plans are in motion...

Greetings MAGNA peeps! Just a quick update that we are working on the plans and events for MAGNA in 2014, and would like to advise everyone to keep checking back here, especially the calendar on this page (as well as the little box to the right) for any possible dates and events that are coming up. Meets are posted up until April at this point and events throughout the year are being added. We are hoping to get more news and information soon but as you know with the weather in the Northeast being what it is, times have been tough lately. With any luck most of the wet white stuff is behind us and the sweet sound of turbos will be filling the air soon ;-)

Meets - As I promised, our monthy meet reminder emails are going out 2 weeks in advance like clockwork. We hope to see some new faces at our meets in 2014 as we continue to grow the Facebook and mailing list, so PLEASE - don't be a lurker! Our meets are rain or shine, and of course if the weather isn't that great, we'll forgive you if you show up in your daily beater, even if its a Fo...ok ok.

Upcoming Events:

2013 MAGNA Points Series


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